In Nomine: Armageddon

Session 5

In Mid-December the PC's hear a rumor, that the dagger of Bithynia, a relic believed to be connected to the Armageddon prophecy, was going to be transported to the United States, arriving in Laguardia.  It is there that chaos breaks loose, as the news arrives that a plane attempted to land on a busy highway.

Investigating the crash site, the PC's discover that the plane had been possibly high jacked by one of the first class customers, who apparently went on a killing spree on survivors before fleeing the scene.  They discover that the suspected high jacker/murderer is on Roberto Raposo, a Portuguese cultist.

In the investigation, the PC's team up with two other celestials.  One is Kadris, a slow talking and inquisitive angel.  The other is Eileth (Officer Amanda Kale), a Lilim who has the role of a police officer.  The final celestials that crossed with the PC's are Huzrael and his pack, a group of unsophisticated demons that were easily disposed of.

In their investigation, the PC's discovered a number of leads, which had the characters investigating Portuguese clergy, a hotel and a hospital before they found their quarry.  There they discover that Roberto had completed a ritual to split the dagger, and the ritual had been instructed by a demon named Hamet.  A demon the characters discover is a powerful Duke of secrets.  Hamet has one half of the blade, and the PC's are pointed to his residence, a powerful tether known as Landridge house.  It is unknown what Hamet is doing with the one half of the artifact, but clearly some ritual is planned for which the dagger plays an important role.

The characters now have one half of the dagger, which they discover can slice holes in the Symphony, creating tiny pockets of complete secrecy or revelation.  By moving the dagger through the air, it creates a great wound in space that only the wielder can see.  Once this wound creates a closed loop, anything inside that loop becomes either obscured or revealed, depending on the side of the blade used.  A secret area hides disturbances in the Symphony.  Absolutely nothing in an area of secrecy disturbs the Symphony at all.  In an area of revelation, disturbances in the symphony are doubled.   Regardless which effect is used, there is a small echo in the symphony, suggesting an item of great power has been used.

Used in combat, the blades provide +4 to the wielder's melee skill.  The blade the PC's have is a "vampiric" blade, and must feast on essence regularly.  The PC using the blade must either kill with it, or feed it one essence per day.  Failure to do so will cause the dagger to slowly "die".  It is believed that a former Demon Prince was trapped in the blade, it is unknown what splitting the blade has done to him.

Arriving and Landridge house in the evening, the PC's discover that the other half of the dagger has been used, preventing what would be a massive disruption in the symphony from sounding.  Hordes of petty demons fill the grounds, with howls and hoots of laughter.  There are bonfires and their is music, and there is debauchery and murder.  Blood and essence flow like rivers through the grounds.  Inside the grounds somewhere is Hamet, the powerful Duke of Secrets, possessing the other half of the Dagger of Bithynia, and it is unknown what properties that half has (beyond obscuring/revelation).  Furthermore, this is a Tether, but to which demon prince is unknown, and it is unknown what properties this tether has.  

The danger of this place is very real, but the clock is ticking.

Session 4

The characters begin the session by making a deal with Jenix, seneschal of the Tether of Novalis.  She promises to get the Hell's Razors off the PC's trail, and in return they must swear to not plan an attack on the Hell's Razors.

However, Jenix's power was soon under threat, as a demon of Yanax was utterly destroyed while investigating a lead at the Au Gau in Vinegar Hill.  Likewise, Arael, the Angel of Birds and friend of the PC's was also destroyed.  The servitors of Laurence and Baal were ready to call in reinforcements for an all out war.

By coincidence, the PC's happened upon a large homeless man who appeared confused and seemed to be missing something important.  To their eventual fortune, the PC's decided to help this being, aided by Grengarl, the Demon of Stalking.  

This being of immense strength, identified as being from the Marches, where creatures of human fantasy could exist, who enjoyed singing, "If I had a hammer", was violent and brutish, and loved the Avengers (especially the part where Loki gets beaten up), turned out to be the forgotten God Thor.

Also, as it turned out, the trouble was being caused by his forgotten evil brother Loki, who Thor quickly identified and brought to the PC's.

Loki was taken by Yanax (who just happened to be in the area), and we assume horrible things are being done to him right now.

Thor decided to stick around for awhile before returning to the marches, after all, he really likes his new friends, the PC's.

Jenix preserved her power over the "old guard" of angels, as war was averted, and showed her appreciation by a gift of power to the PC's, a useful stealth technique.  In addition, the Demon Princes who rule the PC's awarded them the distinction of "Knight".

Session 3
The nightmare vision

The PC's are contacted by a vision from Sarah, a demon of Beleth, providing them with knowledge that Yanax is using small imp like creatures to spy on them, and providing instructions of a place to access the Marches.

In the marches, the PC's navigated a nightmare realm to connect with Sarah, who provided them important information, perhaps the most important, that the Hell's Razors, a group of fantatical angels were in the process of hunting the PC's, and were closing quickly.  Sarah identified herself as also working for Luke.

The session ended with the PC's quickly moving location and beginning to plan their defenses against the coming storm.

Session 2
The Premiere

The PC's are commissioned by Leroy Cairns to ensure that the premiere of "Gone with the Wind" the reboot goes off without a hitch.

The characters then proceed to murder someone who loudly criticizes the movie, and then start chasing a witness with guns firing into the rest of the crowd.

The PC's convince the crowd that terrorists have infiltrated the theatre and that they should panic and flee.  They do.

Needless to say, not a successful venture.  

Ben meets an Angel named Ariel, who warns of a conspiracy of angels and demons to start the Apocalypse.

Session 1

PC's are sent to NY by their superiors.  There they are met by a Limo driver who takes them into suburban Yonkers.

They meet Luke, who implies he is Lucifer, and although they cannot confirm that, the PC's are aware that they are in the presence of power.

Luke tasks the PC's with the dethroning of Yanax, Baron of the 5 families.  Luke specifies that when Yanax falls, he is to not suspect the PC's involvement.

The characters settle in and meet the Baron.  He informs them that Ji's dojo is being vandalized.

The PC's chase the vandals to a church, where they run into Imario's Hunters, who quickly send the PC's running.


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