Archon (Harry)



Archon is a demon, but not the kind with the Baron of Hell flaming eyes, trident and all the other traditional demonic trappings. In fact, he shrugs off references to his demon name and prefers to go by Harry. As Hell’s most approachable demon, Harry is the kind who would inflict cell and wifi outages, parking tickets and rush-hour traffic on the world. Small-scale human frustrations lead to big lapses into vice and debauchery. In this respect he considers himself more of a “big picture” demon than his peers and superiors, preferring to bring a large number of souls a little closer to Satan than to consume one person completely.

Harry feels a healthy disdain for the anachronistic methods and narrow-sightedness of his colleagues. He feels that Hell could learn a lot from humans, specifically cellphone and gym contracts (copies of which he sent to the Immortal Soul Department with a note saying “Learn, guys”).

Harry slouches around New York City as a low-rent private dick but is considering a career upgrade to dirt-bag lawyer.


Archon (Harry)

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